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Sad Announcement

Mentaldisturbed a posted May 25, 16

PVPCrafters will probably soon be closing.

I dont have time anymore to update, and the donations

are getting lower, its starting to become too expensive to keep

up, and has to be closed down.

Sorry, but server will most likely be closed

within next payment for the host, unless the payment

for the host gets reached.

Sorry guys.

abcdefg123ab If the staff was more active and more innovative, I think PVPCrafters could still be a thing, a shame though
Rissyyy I have used 200 USD Jayjay. You shouldn't complain about anything at all. Read your terms while purchasing things. ...
Mikerunning I've been around since the early times...but I'm here for the end. It was a great server. Farewell.


We have recently gotten complains

on our /god, and removed the command.

Replaced with a new good kit:

Including 3 CreeperEggs every 48Hr

Can be used for raiding chests in bases.

Creepers now blow up BLOCKS,

Watch OUT!

This counts for all Sponsor+ users.

This is final.


Hello Everyone, ive been quite busy lately.

Finally made time to fix some issues you've

adressed to me.

-Warzones (meaning area like arena)

Will no longer reduce your faciton power

upon death.

-Raiding will now properly work with TNT!

Anything else guys?

Xiosky27 Could you add /gm 1 back to gm/god rank?
OpWork hvordan får man bank penger
xSmoker Serveren trenger flere mods de er aldri på!?

What do you guys think about the server,

and what do you guys want changed?

Obviously turning off our antihack wont happend.

FantasticoMe I forgot two things 1. There is a bug with the hack plugin, that Extant mentioned. The bug does kind of lock you in a m...
FantasticoMe I honestly think the server gets a bit bored when people can spawn whatever they want with /i. Of course it's an at...
NexusBurns Please fix so we can place stained glass and allowing sponsor+ to do /I creeperspawnegg would be perfect for griefing. L...

Server back up!

Mentaldisturbed a posted Nov 16, 14

Welcome to join again, sorry for downtime!

virr03 The server is down again why??
frangy68 Why is the server down again??
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Is there any way to bring back this server?
Give me my money back !!!!!!! i was god
i missing it too ;(
I'm really missing pvpc lmao no other fun servers out yet
damb just found out about the news this is actually rly sad there must be a way they could merge the server with another server
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