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Server back up!

Mentaldisturbed a posted Nov 16, 14

Welcome to join again, sorry for downtime!

virr03 The server is down again why??
frangy68 Why is the server down again??
vegard09 It is off now why is it that??

Server Problem

Mentaldisturbed a posted Nov 15, 14

Server down

Will post when its back up!

_Abufazel_ and andrenilsen12345┬Ęplaes
_Abufazel_ can i by admin Abufazel123

Hello fellow PVPers, I have added kittycannon
for you guys who want to feel Special <3

This will not be cheap. Seeing I dont
want everyone running around with
this awesome and funny feature.

Price: 20$

Be fast and be the first one to be
able to shoot cats!

ItsChazzy Mental You should add unbans on the buycraft web so peeple pay for unbans -Charlie P.S.My skpye is ChazPlaysMc if you w ...
Miner_Nate1 Hazeorb really dude......
Miner_Nate1 Nice Added Feture Mental tho its really cool

What do you guys think?

Nyan Cat Smoke when walking

KittyCannon - Shoot kitty's that explode
(No block dmg)

(Will be added within this new week)

(These items will NOT be in a Rank package)

ItsChazzy Doesn't it stand for Game Modarator not Game Master @wildman234
Wildmann GM doesn't stand for game mode. It stands for game master...
Miner_Nate1 Plz Give GM Creative Back... Its Called GM for a reason

For those who haven't noticed already:

You no longer need to pay full

Payments for upgrading ranks.

You can now simply click on the

higher rank that you want and it should

be cheaper.

Example: You already have Sponsor and you

want to buy GM.

120$ - 60$ = 60$ ..

When you then try to buy GM.. it will say it costs 60$

If this doesn't work for you...

Then its because your an old player, and

you didn't donate thru the buycraft.

If this is the case,

then simply use the Rank Upgrades Tab.

Then you buy Sponsor -> Premium .. Then Premium -> GM

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I need any information of that 60$ donation and ill fix it again. Cyber_Blade aka Jay0219
Jay0219, I want you to give me a reason why it shows me that you havent paid these 60$ that are listed. Give me your paypal email so that I can double check. I will temporary remove your rank until we get it sorted out. Send email possibly as a PM.
When Capi comes online, he will fix it for you
gm logo please.
cat sorry i dont have a video prog
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